Why did so many colonist die in jamestown

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Background Essay. Jamestown Mini-Q. Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? In the spring ofthree English ships carrying more than passengers sailed into the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and worked their Way up the James River.


John Smith (baptized. 6 January – 21 June ) was an English soldier, explorer, colonial governor, Admiral of New England, and author. He played an important role in the establishment of the Jamestown colony, the first permanent English settlement in North America, in the early 17th century.

Smith was a leader of the Virginia Colony based at Jamestown between September and August.


Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? Overview: In Mayabout Englishmen arrived at the mouth of a great bay on the coast of Virginia. Start studying Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonist Die. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Why did so many colonist die in jamestown
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