We get educated only in school

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Mar 01,  · When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. EDUCATED A Memoir By Tara Westover pp. Random House. $ America has struggled with the.

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This book is disgusting to me. I do not understand why an educated and worldly individual would have difficulty understanding the horrible and violent upbringing that she experienced.

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Apr 09,  · We all live in a society which has its own set spoken/unspoken rules and one of them is education. The society expects you to go to school followed by college, get a job, settle down etc.

The more years of school someone gets, it turns out, the greater the chances of them becoming near-sighted. It’s taken as a given that the more schooling we get, the better off our lives will be. Tara Westover was born in Idaho in She received her BA from Brigham Young University in and was subsequently awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

She earned an MPhil from Trinity College, Cambridge, inand in was a visiting fellow at Harvard University.

We get educated only in school
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