Solutions to prevent high school dropouts

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15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention

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Human Rights Watch. Prior to the conflict, the primary school enrollment rate in Syria was 99 percent and lower secondary school enrollment was 82 percent, with high gender parity. The high school dropout problem is a crisis because it impacts not only individuals and their education, but because of the economic and social costs local communities have to deal with.

Communities suffer from a lack of productive workers and higher costs associated with incarceration, health care.

Hi, I see you’re very engaged so I figured you might enjoy another short story. I was the typical lazy little shit ever since second grade, every parent-teacher meeting the same, word for word, (he finishes all the required tasks on time and does great on all the tests but he could work), studied some 5 minutes every class and spent the rest doing something interesting or causing trouble.

“When I Picture My Future, I See Nothing”

STUDENTS’ MISBEHAVIOUR; FACTORS AND SOLUTIONS BY THE TEACHER SIDE. Student misbehaviour is one of the most troubling phenomena in education today. 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention.

The Interim Superintendency

A must read. The strategies were developed by the National Dropout Prevention Center in association with Franklin P. Schargel.

Solutions to prevent high school dropouts
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