Should caning be reintroduced in school essay

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Argumentative Essay: Should Corporal Punishment Have a Place in Education?

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Corporal Punishment Should Be Reintroduced

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Add a New Topic; Add to My Favorites Corporal punishment is a brutal physical punishment such as flogging or caning. It should not be allowed in the classroom, but the government is debating giving back the teachers the power to physically punish kids in class.

Children in school. Corporal punishment is a brutal physical punishment such as flogging or caning. It should not be allowed in the classroom, but the government is debating giving back the teachers the power to physically punish kids in class.

It’s easy to see why this should not be reinstalled. The idea was more popular among secondary school teachers, where 22% were in favour, compared to primary school staff (16%). Headteachers and their deputies were more strongly opposed to the cane, with only 12% in favour.

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Corporal Punishment Should Not Be Reintroduced To Schools Essays and Research Papers. Should Caning Be Reintroduced In School Essay Corporal punishment should not be re-introduced into schools because some children can end up deformed and may become unstable mentally and physically and also they could end up suing the school /government or religious organisation.

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Should caning be reintroduced in school essay
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