School auction projects

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Live and Silent Auctions

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Silhouettes { School Auction Project }

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Welcome to the Montessori School of McLean!

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11 Great Ideas for School Auction Art Projects

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Jorjett Strumme - Costume Art Pink and Green Mama: Finding the "FUN" in School Fundraising Projects and Some Silent Auction Project Ideas! Dear Parents/Guardians and Visitors, Welcome to the West Hill School Website. The West Hill School is a unique coeducational preschool for children 2 years 7 months to 5 years that is accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS).

Don’t miss this opportunity for your kids to create a collage, write a story or poem, paint or draw a picture, choreograph a dance, take a photograph, create a computer-generated image – almost anything that the theme, “Heroes Around Me,” inspires them to think up.

School Auction Gold: Student Art Projects. Projects created by elementary school students brought in more than $8, for a New York City parent group. Read More. Auctions. 6 Auction Experiences Kids Will Love To Win.

Enhance your auction (and up your bids) with these just-for. As one of the leading private boarding and day schools in the West, Sun Valley Community School offers a superior educational experience for preK-grade Apr 10,  · My school has a silent auction and asks the teachers to come up with something to do with a student(s).

I was thinking of doing a trip to a nail salon for a polish for a student and a friendbut this leaves out the boys in my room who might want to bid!

School auction projects
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