Purpose of sunday school

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Elmer Towns: The 4 Purposes of Sunday School

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Sunday School (LDS Church)

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Sunday School Ministry

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What is the Purpose of a Sunday School?

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What is the Purpose of a Sunday School?

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Sunday School Ministry

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Paul tells us in his second epistle to Timothy, And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Steve Parr: Purpose of Sunday School. Share. Steve Parr is working on a new book called Sunday School that Really Responds.

It is a follow up to his fine book, Sunday School That Really works. I was honored that he asked me to write the forward to the book. He has given me permission to share a few key insights from the book. Feb 24,  · Sunday School Defined.

1. Sunday School is a place and time where God's children learn they are loved by God and the people of God through the warm fellowship, and inviting and creative study of the Bible.

2. Sunday School is the place where we teach Bible stories to student in such memorable and positive ways that they become life-long lessons unfolding their meaning as the 5/5(47). The main purpose of the Sunday school is religious instruc- tion.

This is distinctly indicated in the methods of the Sunday school, the place it occupies, and the imperative needs for it. The Sunday school uses school methods. Sunday School is not an agency separate or apart from the Church but is, perhaps, the best-structured agency in the local church for carrying out most effectively the teaching ministry of Christ.

This Elmer Towns: The 4 Purposes of Sunday School. By. Josh Hunt - January 4, The Sunday school education often includes a comprehensive study of the Bible. It intends to imbibe in the minds of the people, the principles and philosophies stated in the Bible. One of the primary purposes of the Sunday school is to teach the Bible to the students.

Purpose of sunday school
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