My greates ambition

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My Greatest Ambition is an autobiography written by Morris Lurie; therefore, it is in first person. The story is an episode of his childhood that he is remembering and reliving through the eyes of adulthood.

Jan 07,  · My greatest ambition in life is to die. No doubt, eventually, I'm going to find a good method to make that happen, whether by splattering my head and brains all over my room with a strong gun, or knifing myself to death, most preferably my neck, which the knife is under my computer Resolved.

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A project of Liberty Fund, Inc. My Greatest Ambition by Morris Lurie Summary of the story My Greatest ambition is about a thirteen year old boy,who goes by the nickname Nu.

His dream job was to become a cartoon artist. Summary: The story “My Greatest Ambition” is about a young boy of the age 13 who draws comic strips. He sends his first finished strip t a magazine and they make an appointment with him, then accept his comic and pay him fifteen pounds for it (the reader understands that this .

My greates ambition
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MY GREATEST AMBITION Summary: The story “My - Narrative POV