Graduate school and early modern europe

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Europe: Medieval to Modern Times

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Medieval & Early Modern Europe

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Current Students

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The Ph.D Program: Early Modern European History

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Graduate School and Early Modern Europe STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The phenomenal growth in knowledge, which we are witnessing today in many areas of science and technology, is the result of the tireless efforts of a large number of teachers and students deeply committed to widening the horizons of human knowledge through painstaking research.

The Ph.D Program: Modern Europe Emory University's History Department offers a transnational, dynamic, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Modern Europe from the eighteenth century to. Recent surveys of history graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report have consistently ranked our programs in women's and gender history, Modern U.S.

history, and African-American history as among the very finest in the nation. Home» The Ph.D. in History at Emory University» Faculty Focus Areas» The Ph.D Program: Early Modern European History. with a special interest in the culture and civilization of Enlightenment Europe.

His interests also include transatlantic migrations and settlements.

Early Modern European History

Graduate School Links. Admissions Information; Frequently. The Program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies does not have its own graduate program but it supports the graduate students from other departments working in the period. Thinking of Grad School? Early Modern Europe ; Jewish History ; Latin American History medieval history, and modern European history.

Designed for highly qualified applicants, graduate studies in Early Modern European history provides an excellent foundation for academic careers in teaching and research.

Graduate school and early modern europe
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