Employees perception of performance appraisal system

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Performance Appraisal Interview

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The performance appraisal interview is the first round in the performance appraisal process and this is the round in which the manager communicates his evaluation of the employees performance. appraisal system used for rating performances of the employees.

Unfortunately, the number of organization using an effective performance appraisal system is limited.(Yalcin, ). Performance appraisal is a key in human resource management function which is viewed as a subset of performance management.

Performance appraisals are essential for effective evaluation and management of staff. Since perceptions influence people's judgement and attitudes towards particular phenomena, it could be expected that the staff of an educational institution might hold diverse opinions about the performance appraisal system in the institution.

As some wit once said, " if performance reviews were a drug, the FDA would never approve them because they're ineffective and have too many side effects." And if performance appraisal was a tool, management would blame it for their failures.

Wait, it is a tool, and they do profusely blame it. As the French say, the bungler blames his tools.

Performance Appraisal:

Integrated Communication: From Theory to Performance Winner of “Top Paper” award from the Research Foundation of the International Association of Business Communicators June A reader writes: I am a new supervisor and I am in the process of doing an annual evaluation for one of my employees, I’ll call him Carl, who has been with the company for about a year.

Employees perception of performance appraisal system
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my employee disagrees with my evaluation of his performance — Ask a Manager