Drug abuse in south african schools

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Latest Drug Statistics – South Africa 2016

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To further strengthen the research base underpinning substance abuse policy and practice in South Africa, various gaps need to be addressed, including intervention focused demonstration projects and regular audits of.

The Government Notice NoSouth African Schools Act (84/), declares all schools drug free zones. This means no substance abuse, possession of illegal drugs on school premises or being at school under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is allowed. Apr 08,  · Over 15% of the population suffers from a drug problem.

6,9 The figures published by the South African Police Service show that drug abuse accounts for 60% of all crime in the country.

6 In order to combat the above problem, the government of South Africa has put in place, and strengthened, policies on drug control.

Substance abuse intervention in South Africa

Youth turn to drugs as sales at schools soar. as their primary drug of abuse. Senior Information Officer at the South African Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency centre, said they. The South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (SAAPSA) SAAPSA was established in with the assistance of WHO/PSA, the International Council on.

The Government Notice NoSouth African Schools Act (84/), declares all schools drug free zones. This means no substance abuse, possession of illegal drugs on school premises or being at school under the influence of alcohol or .

Drug abuse in south african schools
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‘Drug abuse is growing in SA’ – The Citizen