Dahlia case

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Black Dahlia

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Black Dahlia

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The Black Dahlia

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It is now 70 years since the Black Dahlia murder and the case is still as intriguing as ever and has been the subject of a best-selling novel which was made into a film in Elizabeth Short - The Black Dahlia (Wide World Photos) WHO KILLED THE BLACK DAHLIA?

The Tragic Life & Death of Elizabeth Short On January 15, a housewife named Betty Bersinger left her home on Norton Avenue in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, bound for a shoe repair shop.

Jan 15,  · Evidence concerning the murder of American aspiring actress and murder victim Elizabeth Short ( - ), known as the 'Black Dahlia,' is strown across a table at the Los Angeles District.

Dahlia Sky

The Black Dahlia Murder case remains one of Hollywood's long-running mysteries and one of the most gruesome of the s. A pretty young woman, Elizabeth Short, was found cut in half and posed in a sexually explicit manner in a vacant lot.

Dahlia case
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