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Critical pedagogy is particularly concerned with reconfiguring the traditional student/teacher relationship, where the teacher is the active agent, the one who knows, and the students are the passive recipients of the teacher's knowledge (the "banking concept of education").

In Theory and Resistance in Education (), Giroux argued that the Frankfurt School’s insistence on the primacy of theoretical knowledge, their critique of positivist rationality, their theory of culture and their analysis of depth psychology provided crucial insights for the development of a critical theory of education.

Narrow Topic: Alternatives in Education, Criticism of Schooling, Curriculum Aims and Objectives, Curriculum and Politics, Ethical Issues in Curriculum, Hidden Curriculum, Value Assumptions and Ideologies in Curriculum, Religious & Private Schooling, Values in the Classroom. Faculty Vita Barbara Korth, Ph.D.

Essay Book Review. "A Dangerously Modern Reading of Cultural History and Education: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Schooling.

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In "The Journal of Curriculum Studies." In press. Funded Projects. College of Education Faculty Research Opportunity Award. "A Study of Cyber Culture in the Case of Educational. Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies stream of recuperative history of any intellectual tradition or movement—be it the Frankfurt School or Cultural Studies, essay aims to redirect the topic of race and education to a place that is considered outside the field of education, to the.

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Cultural History and Education: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Schooling [Thomas Popkewitz, Barry M. Franklin, Miguel Pereyra] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Cultural History and Education brings together an outstanding group of the leading scholars in the study of the cultural history of education. These scholars.

Critical cultural education essay history knowledge schooling
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