Corvette project cars

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C2 (1963-1967)

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Project Cars

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Corvette Project

The Corvette Sting Rays are coved by collectors as the most desirable Corvettes ever. Like the first volume, this edition was compiled from years of owner interviews and pages of original information and photos from Chevrolet's archives. The mid-engined version of everyone's favorite American sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette, is coming.

After decades of speculation and renderings, this is what we know so far about the C8. Corvette Stingray For SaleFinancing Available · Large Inventory · Worldwide Locations · Brokerage Services. The Sting Ray production car's lineage can be traced to two separate GM projects: the Q-Corvette, and perhaps more directly, Mitchell's racing Sting Q-Corvette, initiated inenvisioned a smaller, more advanced Corvette as a coupe-only model, boasting a rear transaxle, independent rear suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes, with the rear brakes mounted inboard.

Information and wallpaper pictures of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler and other cars beginning with C. The Corvette being sold on eBay is your stereotypical barn find. Caked with layers of dust, the car hasn’t been moved or run since when it was stored.

But the Corvette is practically complete and in decent condition considering its dark hiding place for years.

Chevrolet Corvette (C2) Corvette project cars
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