Condom distribution in high schools essay

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Argumenative on condom distribution in high schools - Essay Example

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Impact of a High School Condom Availability Program on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors

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Debate: Condoms in schools

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'We want no condoms in schools' - JTA president says distribution would be unethical, illegal

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I believe that schools should provide teenagers with condoms because they are a means to practicing safe sex.

The Time Has Come: Free Condoms in Every High School Nov 4,am Amanda Marcotte The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a new set of recommendations encouraging schools, parents, and communities to focus on destigmatizing condoms and making them more available to teenagers.

Condom Conundrum: Should Condoms be Available in Schools? Michelle Reising. Date: 11/16/ Introduction. The issue of sex. Proposals to institute condom availability programs in high schools have generally sparked heated debate and strong opposition.

3 Proponents claim that these programs provide adolescents with greater access to condoms, create a social environment in which suggesting condom use to a sex partner is easier and decrease the number of unprotected.

Condom Distribution in High School, An increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases (STDs including HIV/aids, among adolescents has prompted many communities to take action to protect their youth. School condom availability programs have been promoted as a promising approach for increasing condom use among students, for.

Teenage sex predates both condom machines and high schools. Teenagers are probably interested in sexual relations, because there is the opposite gender in schools. It is possible to ban the opposite gender in schools, but that is only part of the problem.

Condom distribution in high schools essay
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