Bread of salt nvm gonzales

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The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez

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What's the morale and setting of the story

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N.V.M. Gonzalez

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Why did the bread come nut-brown and the size of my little fist? And why did it have a pair of lips convulsed into a painful frown? In the half light of the street and hurrying, the paper bag pressed to my chest I felt my curiosity a little gratified by the oven-fresh warmth of the bread I was proudly bringing home for breakfast.

Oct 08,  · Best Answer: The Bread of Salt," mirrors Joyce's "Araby" in plot and theme: a young violinist, enamored of a mestiza beauty, gets a chance to impress her by playing at a party at her house, but only embarrasses himself at the buffet table.

What makes Gonzalez's story crowningly Pilipino, however, is the Status: Resolved. Jun 30,  · Have you ever read “Bread of Salt” written by NVM Gonzalez?

If you have, the it might have confused you as much it confused me. I read the story several times, trying to analyze it. Basically, what makes NVM Gonzales' short story, "Bread of Salt", a short story is the conflict that the protagonist, Albert, faces.

The conflict is basically a man vs. society kind of conflict wherein, Albert's dreams and desires of being with Aida cannot be materialized because of the social class that he is in.

My Understanding of “Bread of Salt”

Jun 30,  · Answer for What Is The Lesson Of The Story In The Bread Of Salt By Nvm Gonzales: The Bread Salt NVM Gonzalez The only thing that made me cling to read the story was the cute struggle for love of a fourteen year-old boy for a girl.

Bread of salt nvm gonzales
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